Dublin and Ireland

Dublin, the capital of the Republic of Ireland, is the venue for a variety of international conferences. Dublin is renowned worldwide as a city of writers and literature, home to Joyce, Shaw and many others. As one of the oldest cities in Europe, Dublin's origins are steeped in Viking history and archaeology. Today it is a city of fine Georgian buildings, excellent stores & shops, pubs & restaurants, museums & antique shops, all combining to make it one of Europe's most entertaining cities.

For general information and assistance in planning a visit or a holiday to Ireland the www.discoverireland.ie website provides excellent assistance.


Ireland is a constitutional democracy and a member of the European Union. Dublin is the capital city of Ireland. More than one million people live in Dublin. Approximately four million people live in the Republic of Ireland.


Shopping can be combined with sight-seeing and history referencing with the centre of the city being the scene for many historical events. A stroll through the city is like a walk through time, from Government Buildings on Dawson Street, down to the General Post Office on O'Connell Street, centre stage to the historical 1916 Easter Rising.

The wide-ranging choice of hotels, restaurants and pubs meets every visitor's pocket and taste. Whether it is a chic boutique hotel, world-class international accommodation or a quaint B & B, Dublin's menu suits every palette.

From Michelin Star restaurants to casual eateries, the mood and inclination of Dublin's guests is anticipated, provided for and enjoyed. Of course, the quintessential Dublin Pub provides the focal point of Dublin social life, illuminating the vibrant hues of Dubliners and their culture. Conversation flows freely unleashing the unique atmosphere that defines the city.